To Determine If You’ll Really Enjoy The Job You’re Applying For…

  1. On a piece of paper, write down what you believe are your biggest strengths and most useful skills. What do you think your weaknesses are? Be honest with yourself. Nobody else has to see this list.
  2. Now, write down what your interests are. What type of work do you think you’ll enjoy doing?
  3. Write a fictitious job description that would represent what you feel is the ideal job for you. As you ultimately apply for each job, compare the job you’re applying for with the job descriptions you wrote. In an ideal situation, you want both descriptions to be similar.
  4. Think about, and then write down, your professional/career goal(s) for upcoming year. The next 3 years. The next 5 years. The next 10 years. Try to be specific.
  5. Do research and determine several industries that require people with your skills and interests. Visit your local school library, or use your computer to access on-line databases and reference materials. Read newspaper and magazine articles that relate to the industries you select. Talk to as many people as you can that are currently working in the industries you choose.
  6. Within the industries you select, pinpoint several specific companies that you think you might want to work for.
  7. Do the jobs you’re applying for involve doing work that you enjoy and that interests you? Do the jobs you’re applying for offer the opportunity for you to learn new skills and challenge yourself? What type of career path (promotion opportunities) do the jobs offer?
  8. What are the people like that you’ll be working with? Is your personality similar to theirs?
  9. Are the work environments within the companies you’re applying to places where you think you’ll be productive and happy?
  10. Will the job you’re applying for allow you to work your way closer to achieving your long-term goals?

First Job, Great Job – Jason R. Rich


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