Before and During the Job Interview…

  1. Dress professionally! Sorry, NO JEANS, T-SHIRTS, or SNEAKERS. Remove nose rings, tongue posts, and any other forms of personal expression that don’t fit in in the work environment. (There are exception to this rule-for example, if you’re applying for a job in the entertainment industry where the dress code is often casual.)
  2. Do RESEARCH about the company you’re about to interview.
  3. Create a list of questions that you plan to ask the employer during the interview. DON”T ASK about SALARY. BENEFITS, or VACATIONS until late in the interview process. If possible, try waiting until the employer brings up these topics.
  4. Practice doing mock interviews with a friend or parent. Try to determine the types of questions you’re going to be asked, and think about how you plan to answer those questions. Visualize yourself during the interview MAKING a GOOD IMPRESSION.
  5. Show up EARLY for the interview. Whatever you do, don’t be even ONE MINUTE LATE.
  6. From the moment you step through the door of the company you’re interviewing with, ACT PROFESSIONALLY.
  7. Be polite to EVERYONE you meet at the company.
  8. NEVER LIE or STRETCH the TRUTH about anything. Be open and honest about YOURSELF, your SKILLS, and your WORK EXPERIENCE.
  9. DON”T BABBLE, but answer all questions in complete sentences, not just with”YES” or “NO” response.
  10. When you get home after the interview, immadiately WRITE and SEND a personalized THANK YOU NOTE to the person or people who interviewed you. Make reference to something specific that you discussed during the interview to refresh the interviewer’s mind about who you are.

First Job, Great Job – Jason R. Rich


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