When Preparing A Resume…

  1. Keep it short and to the point. If your resume is more then one side of an 8.5″ X 11″ piece of paper, shorten it.
  2. Your resume MUST be typed, but don’t use fancy fonts or typestyles.
  3. Print your resume on good quality white paper.
  4. Customize your resume to match the JOB you’re applying for.
  5. DON”T include your HOBBIES on a RESUME, unless they relate directly to the job you’re applying for, or help to portray you as well-rounded person. Be sure to list your accomplishments and skills, along with your goals.
  6. If applicable, DO NOT include your CURRENT SALARY or earning story in your resume.
  7. If the company you’ll submitting your resume to uses a computerized resume management system, and will be scanning your resume into their system, use as many key words and phrases as you can in order to describe your work experience and goals. Also, keep the format of your resume simple.
  8. Reread your resume CAREFULLY, and fix any “speling” mistakes and typos. Now, reread it two or three more times, and really fix all of the spelling mistakes and typos. Finally, have someone else read your resume to make sure that it’s perfect — before you send it out.
  9. NEVER SEND a PHOTOCOPY of your resume. Don’t just send your resume to the Human Resources or personnel department of a company. Also, target an executive within the company that’s in charge of the division you’re hoping to work in. If you’re applying for a job in the Marketing Department, for example, send a copy of your resume to the Vice President of marketing at the company.
  10. Write a personalized and custom-written cover letter to accompany each resume you submit to a company. Keep the cover letter short, but make it upbeat and attention-getting. Be sure to highlight your skills and/or experiences that might not be featured on your resume. DON”T REPEAT INFORMATION. Also, within the cover letter, show that you have a general knowledge about the company you’re applying to. After sending a resume, wait a few days and follow it up with a telephone call to ensure that it was received. At this point, try to schedule an interview.

First Job, Great Job – Jason R. Rich

Note: Resume: Curriculum Vitae(CV)


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